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Barobo creates educational robots called "Linkbots" that enable young students to learn coding in a hands-on fashion. Barobo utilizes Blockly on Chromebooks to teach STEAM and Next Generation Science Standards.


The Gift of Education is a crowdsourcing platform for children’s educational funds. Much like a gift registry, users can link their existing educational funds to an online donation portal that friends and family can easily contribute to.


Every year Americans throw away more than 50 million pounds of food. It feels good to eat well, save food, and know that somewhere, a landfill is smaller because of you. Foodfully is a new platform for food waste reduction, traceability, and safety.


Combining artificial intelligence and DNA analysis, Nuritas data-mines billions of molecules in order to effectively access bioactive peptides that have the potential to provide unique solutions for the maintenance of health and wellness.


Psynthesys immerses the technology-novice clinical researcher in an intuitive forward-thinking framework in which the job of structuring, maintaining and reusing complex data across multiple platforms and clinical trial study centers is seamless and easy.


SonanuTech assays measure in parts per trillion. By bringing together nanotechnology, micro fluidics, optics and material science, SonanuTech makes an accurate bioassay that will likely disrupt the use of standard assays in the food and health industries.


Trace and Trust is a community of restaurants committed to celebrating the farmers, ranchers and fishermen behind every meal.


Zebra Code is an educational software that helps teach coding for business and organization applications.


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