Davis Roots

Business Incubator

Davis Roots was started to support the early growth and success of entrepreneurial startup companies in Davis, California by providing them the necessary financial and technical resources. If accepted into the program, companies will have the opportunity to receive resources such as direct mentoring, networking connections, as well as space and development support. Funding may also be provided on a case-by-case basis subject to the availability of funds donated to Davis Roots.

Application Guidelines


Please provide Davis Roots an Executive Summary of your business using the template provided below to info@davisroots.org.

Key criteria for being hosted by Roots: a solid plan to launch your product (or service) and description of how investment capital will help grow the business to employ 25, or more, people in 3-5 years.

At Roots, we understand that you are a sincerely devoted entrepreneur. The businesses that Davis Roots is designed to support have a team of individuals (or a team identified) who are focused on launching a business-–which means engaging customers with a product and developing a record of experience with customers as soon as possible.

We evaluate the summary of your business strategy, team and product and may e-mail or phone you with a few questions.


From there, you will either be given reasons that your business is not going to receive further review--in which case you can address the reasons and resubmit--or you will be asked to present a 30-minute presentation to the 3 person Board. Our Board consists of dedicated and highly qualified volunteers – we will do our utmost to make a timely appointment and to keep you informed.


Like Step 2, you will either be given reasons that your business is not going to to be hosted by Davis Roots, or you will be asked to to join Davis Roots Business Incubator as a hosted startup. You may be asked to join with conditions to shore up parts of your business plan. In this case, a 30-90 day performance objective must be met to continue as a Davis Roots hosted startup.

Hosted startups gain access to our mentor network, including legal, marketing, manufacturing, coding, project management, operative services. Hosted startups may also be given office space, at no cost, within Davis Roots for a designated period of time.

Operating and product development costs

You will need to generate your own funding. Davis Roots can occasionally provide direct funding, but this is possible only on a case-by-case basis, it’s a modest amount and is subject to availability of funds donated to Davis Roots.

If you fail to make progress (i.e. repeatedly miss milestones), lose interest, or run out of funds to the extent you can no longer make progress on your startup, your status as a hosted startup will end and you will need to exit the office. Of course, this outcome is never the expectation of either Davis Roots or the hosted startup team. We welcome those in transition to remain part of the Davis Roots and regional startup community.

Several companies have succeeded in launching their business startup or have otherwise grown beyond incubation and are now either in business or looking for large funding rounds that exceed the purpose of Davis Roots. They are post affiliates who remain part of our Davis Roots community, who do and can continue to build relationship here as they grow and who we hope will share in their learnings’ with our newly hosted startups.

What We Ask In Return

In exchange for mentoring, space, promotion and other support, Davis Roots will receive a small share of equity in each hosted startup. This equity is shared with the City of Davis. The City embraces entrepreneurship and the Roots Business Incubator would not be possible without the office space available at the Dresbach Hunt-Boyer Building or the continued support from our fellow citizens and civic leaders. We also ask that you remain focused on your product, share your inspiration and engage with your Davis community.

Application Materials

Executive Summary Template

Slide Deck Template

Please send all materials to info@davisroots.org.

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